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Historical certificate

      A Kirovograd  regional  library  for children by Shevchenko – is one of the well- known establishments for children's of area. It is a bookcollection for children and methodical center for all libraries for children's of region.
      The exact archived information about the year of foundation of library was not saved. It is known that at the beginning of 20th  century  a new library for children was opened in Elisavetgrad which in 1939 year after formation of the Êirovograd  area  became a local.In a library there were four departments, one librarian worked in each. In the years of Great Patriotic war a library did not function and picked up thread the work in 1946 year, she was located in the apartment of palace of pione. By then a library fund counted the over 5 thousand copies of books,  near thousand of children read in library. A library fund is multiplied gradually, in 1953 years he made over 36 thousands of books ,  also grew the  amount of  served readers­children to 4 thousands.
      So  in 1958 year a library got a new apartment  is  now in which. It was built  for the members of the komsomol and young people of Êirovograd in honour of  komsomol 40-s specially under a regional library for children (on the project of technical bureau of the Kirovograd  regional department of architecture- an author  K. Sukorskiy). From the same year a library carries the name of child's writer Shevchenko.. This building is sight of architecture and is under the guard of the state. A two­storeyed house, rectangular, on a court facade with salient rezolits. An useful area of building is 1535 m.squared, which spacious reading­rooms, subscriptions, booksdepot, and also cabinets of departments and library administration, official apartments, are placed on.
      A large merit is  in the receipt of a  new apartment for a library belongs  to Shipilova Valentina (1921 – 1984), which from 1952 years for 1976 headed establishment.  Shipilova  was a highqualified specialist, what its rewards testify about: 1967 is a mark „For the best work”, 1970 is a medal „For hardworking”, 1971 year is an order „sign of honour ”. On position of director she was instrumental in introduction and  practice of library maintenance for children of area, progressive methods and forms of work. Her  erudition was wide and many­sided.Shipilova  was the recipient of an award „veteran of  labour” and got the regional personal pension.
      A contribution to development of regional library for children and library matter of area was done by Demeshenko Lidiy Ivanovna, Mihailiova Svetlana Petrovna, who worked as the directors of establishment after Shipilova.
      From 2000 year Manjula Taiciy Sergeevna heads  Kirovograd Local Library for children by Gajdar  (Shevchenko). Librarian after speciality and vocation , on a question: : What will make your child syudy pleasant and career successful?”, she answers confidently: „Book”; not forgetting here, that existence of modern establishment of culture is not possible without introduction in activity of the newest technologies of informations. That is why in recent years one of basic work of library assignments there is computerization of processes of libraries. For this time library connection was well­to­do with a network the Internet, openly e­mail, a local compuiter network to which all computers  were connected . Took place  some changes in the structure of library, a  new department of introduction of computer technologies and providing of Internetaccess users created , at which  a free Internetclass was opened.
A purchase and establishment of computers is in departments: completing and informative, certificate­bibliographic services and study of a particular region enabled to set to work on forming of the automated bases of these new receipts of literature and magazines, creation of electronic catalogue of library. In practice works were inculcated s a new software LIS (Library­informative System is integrated).
      For today cataloguings are subject to  all receipts to the library. For opening of maintenance of documents the system of  keyword  language is used. In an electronic catalogue it is possible to carry out a multidimensional search after such fields, as: author, title, theme, keywords, subject heading, name of magazine, and also search on the combined positions; the dictionary of the subject headings is conducted. Functions on treatment, cataloguing and systematization of editions are executed by “Katologizator”.For today the base of these books contains almost 6,5 thousand bibliographic records, and a base of these magazines is over 8,5 thousand records, a regional base is over 1,1 thousand records. Were created and filled up electronic databases foreign literature, notes and video documents. Set to work above retrospective conversion card catalogue.
      The workers of libraries send all activity to high­quality and operative satisfaction of informative necessities and queries of readers, using a library fund, which counts over 175 thousands of documents and 170 ­ 180 names of magazines, ­bibliographic materials, folders­stores of regional maintenance, traditional certificate ­bibliographic vehicle and electronic catalogue of library today.
      By electronic databases and opening of free Internetclass,workers extended possibilities of satisfaction of queries of users, implementation of various bibliographic and factual certificates considerably.
      Think that functioning of Internet-class in a library will give not only our young city users, and also children from the rural districts of Êirovograd, possibility of wide access to information from the whole world, by the special appearance of organized for children and teenagers, and also possibility of on­line intercourse, which is especially important for welleducated children, participants of clubs after interests, creative associations ( young poets, journalists, artists); children with the limited possibilities (social and physical). To get timely necessary information on questions of child's psychology, pedagogics, literature, right, informatively­library maintenance of children and librarians, parents, teachers, all specialists who work with children, will be able to communicate on issues of education of children, child's reading, corporate co­operation.
      And in general Kirovograd Local library for children  serves more than 12 thousand users which over 220 thousands of copies of documents are given out.
      Due to the comfortable location of library in the center of city its services are used by students and teachers of schools ¹ 4, 5, 6, 11, 18, 24, 29, 32, 34, regional lyceum of arts; pupils of the Kirovograd  house of hostel type are for the children of preschool and school age with compensating groups „Barvinok” but an educational­ association „Peschool for children with the defects of ear”, and also students of auxiliary schools ¹ 1,2, where pupils  with physical limitations. Except for it, a library organizes excursions and conducting of measures for children from rural regions.
      The creative collective of like­minded persons works in a library, every librarian executes the functions of not only specialist but also psychologist, teacher, tutor and second little visitors. To put sufficiently often come to us not only to take a book  home, to visit comfortable reading­rooms but also satisfy the cultural necessities during intercourse, to expose creative possibilities in clubs and associations after interests which work in a library. There are: literary­playing studio „miracle world of books”, clubs „family chamber” „Miracle  faint note” „School  to courtesy” „Situation”, legal centre organizing public lectures „ Name to the law”. An event was  the opening of   televisional club for children „Huge rights of  little human ” jointly with the regional management of justice and regional state TV company.
      A library collective sends the activity to harmonious development of children, forming for them  modern world view, informative and reader culture, skills of independent cognition, self­education and self­realization of personality, using for this purpose the different forms of work and there are informative resources. Various measures which pass within the framework of traditional Allukrainian Weeks testify about it: child's book „Music  for children and youth” „Theatre  – to the children and youth”, marking of International Day of child's book, International day of defence of children, important history ­state events which help students in mastering of the school program and organization of rich in content leisure. It follows to remember our general bibliographical Days of information, devoted actual themes which agitate today almost each, for example: „Right  status of child” „By all family  reading of Ukrainian book ” „Chornobl yesterday, Chornobl – today, Chornobl – tomorrow” „Information: Ukraine is European Union” and others like that.
      In a spotlight and maintenance of such categories of children as orphans, invalids,children  from big families . Annually to International Day of defence of children, International day of invalids, New­year holidays for such categories of children various eleemosynary mornings are conducted in a library, measures under a slogan: „Children – to the children” “Kindness and mercy – to every child” „Hurry  to do good in good time” with bringing in of different organizations, sponsors.
      Already five years a regional library for children initiates conducting in the libraries of area of actions „Children are  our future” „Miracle world of  child's creation” „Library for children, as a center of domestic leisure” „Library for children  is an informatively­cultural center on rights for a child” „Scions memory is saved” (before marking of a 60­s Victory), to International Day of defence of children, International Day of family.
      Supporting and developing child's reading a library participates actively in holding Allukrainian competitions "the Best reader of year", "Want to read" and others like that.
      For today we developed and work on realization of special purpose in a  complex programs: ‘Library for children  is an informatively­cultural center on rights for a child” ‘Book on service of teacher” „Professional dialogs” (from the increase of professional level of workers of libraries of area).
      As our library is a methodical center for the libraries of children's of area, we build methodical work on the analysis of activity of libraries, by giving them consultative  and practical assistance, conducting of marketings and sociological researches, issue of methodical recommendations, various informative publishing products and conducting of measures of the system of the in­plant of shots of libraries training. Forms and names of these measures talk about actuality and variety of the problems discussed on our studies: studies in the distance „Professional  dialogs”, regional scientific-practical conference „Young reader and Ukrainian book”, regional seminars­practical works „Nowdays library formula of success” „The main requirements and directions of activity of libraries are for children in modern terms” „Child  in the world of right” „Library and leisure of children” and others like that.
       Consequently, we understand that work in modern terms is a permanent search of undrawn on reserves. And a task which puts before itself a collective is important ­ to produce a positive image  not only establishment but also library specialist, because exactly from  what impression he makes on an user, status and role of child's library depends in society.